Manufacturer: ADDAC System 
Module Name: ADDAC204 VC CV Mapping 
Module Type: Utility - CV 
Production Status: In Production 
Module Width (hp):
Module Depth (mm): 20 
MSRP (USD): $240.00 
+12V Current (mA): 20 
-12V Current (mA): 20 
+5V Current (mA):
Information URL:  Visit
Date Announced: N/A 
Date Introduced: N/A 
Date Discontinued: N/A 

About the ADDAC204 VC CV Mapping by ADDAC System
(Manufacturer's description:)

With the VC mapping module you'll be able to scale your voltage and also control its offset via CV.

This module provides two outputs for normal and inverted output voltages. A third output morphs between the normal and inverted outputs.