Manufacturer: Doepfer 
Power Supply Name: A-100PSU2 
Power Supply Type: Linear Supply 
Production Status: In Production 
Information URL:  Visit
MSRP: $130.00 
+12V Supply Capacity (mA): 1200 
-12V Supply Capacity (mA): 1200 
+5V Supply Capacity (mA):
External Adapter: No 
110VAC Capable: Yes 
220VAC Capable: Yes 
Front Panel Width (hp):
Date Announced: N/A 
Date Introduced: N/A 
Date Discontinued: N/A 

About the A-100PSU2 by Doepfer
(Manufacturer's description:)

Assembled and tested power supply +/-12V@ 1200mA with ring core transformer, please specify 230V or 115V version, does not include cables, mains inlet, power switch, fuse and mounting material (screws, spacers, nuts, washers), up to four bus boards can be connected to the A-100PSU2