Manufacturer: Space Case Ltd. 
Case Name: Space Case A* 
Case Type: Folding 
Production Status: In Production 
Information URL: 
MSRP (USD): $1,950.00 
Mounting Rail Type: Sliding Nut 
Case Width: 112hp 
Number of Rows:
Internal Depth: 4 in. / 101mm 
External Width:  
External Height:  
External Depth:  
Weight: 41 lb. / 18.597kg. 
Case Is Portable: Yes 
Case Is Carryon: No 
Date Announced: N/A 
Date Introduced: N/A 
Date Discontinued: N/A 

About the Space Case A* by Space Case Ltd.
(Manufacturer's description:)

The A*--the large folder--is exactly the same size as a Doepfer monster case: 6 X 112 hp for a total of 672. It has subtle touches too: individual power switches for each wing and a mains filter with ground line choke to ensure clean power delivery to the case. The raw aesthetic approach is not about being shiny and perfect, it is about the possibility of playable well made instruments.