Manufacturer: 4ms Pedals 
Module Name: QPLFO 
Module Type: LFO 
Production Status: In Production 
Module Width (hp): 12 
Module Depth (mm): 40 
MSRP (USD): $295.00 
+12V Current (mA): 89 
-12V Current (mA): 73 
+5V Current (mA): 65 
Information URL:  Visit
Date Announced: 11/26/2012 
Date Introduced: 04/19/2013 
Date Discontinued: N/A 

About the QPLFO by 4ms Pedals
(Manufacturer's description:)

The Quad Pingable LFO is a compact, playable four-channel tap-tempo, clock-syncable LFO with variable skew and reset.

The QPLFO is designed to be useful in small portable systems that require maximum functionality in minimal space, as well as large systems that need maximum modulation sources.

Power consumption note: +12V is 154mA max with jumper selecting internal 5V.