Manufacturer: J9K 
Case Name: 9U Studio Case 
Case Type: Desktop - Vertical 
Production Status: In Production 
Information URL: 
MSRP (USD): $225.00 
Mounting Rail Type: Other 
Case Width: 84hp 
Number of Rows:
Internal Depth: 3 in. / 76mm 
External Width: 17.5 in. / 444mm 
External Height: 22 in. / 558mm 
External Depth: 11 in. / 279mm 
Case Is Portable: No 
Case Is Carryon: No 
Date Announced: N/A 
Date Introduced: N/A 
Date Discontinued: N/A 

About the 9U Studio Case by J9K
(Manufacturer's description:)

The case Is made from Komatex PVC foam board instead of wood making it lightweight and easily modifiable. The mounting rails are a new design of angled aluminum with holes drilled every .2" similar to the "threaded strip" and anodized black. The rear panels easily slide out making connection of the ribbon cables to the buss boards easier.

Can be assembled for vertical or horizontal orientation.

The distro mounting panels come drilled with the hole pattern for the tiptop audio zeus powered and passive bus boards. If you have an alternate power system in mind send me an email.